My name's Alison and I'm a twenty-three year old fashion assistant living in London. I've always loved nails (actually far longer than I have loved fashion) and when I was younger I used to collect polishes from the Spectacular brand and keep them in an old chocolate fingers tin covered in Top of the Pops and Smash Hits stickers.

After graduating with a First in 2010 and after bumming around working for my parents I got a job working in the fashion/beauty industry. Working in beauty was rather unexpected but it's funny what path you end up on sometimes. Although I was never working directly with nails, being in beauty made me remember how much I loved nails and nail polish and nail art (it also helped that my new graduate salary was so low I couldn't afford my expensive designer bag habit no more and since nail polish was so cheap...).

These days I'm a fashion assistant which means a lot of styling and working with clothes and brands but I still find time to do my nails! People always ask me how long I spend on them and whilst I don't think it's ladylike to divulge a number, I will say that I like to do my nails whilst watching Eastenders or a film. Whilst I am most definitely not an authority on nails (I had to Google "cuticle" the other day and still not completely 100% on what it is) or a nail girl (though I would love to be!) I like to have fun with nails and I hope that this comes across in my posts. I'm not a professional and do not try to be!

I decided to start this blog for a few reasons. 1 - I've been making websites and graphics and the like since I was twelve and I'm a freelance writer/blogger as well so it sorta makes sense to have an actual blog. 2 - Although I've tried to blog before I always got bogged down with something called "Real Life" and my blog kept taking a backseat. 3 - So for the reasons stated in 1 and 2 I decided that I shouldn't do a fashion blog. There's far too many and honestly, despite being a stylist I don't wear that interesting clothes most of the time!! So then I remembered my love of nails and also love of prints and decided to combine the two into my fashion/nails blog called "Nailing the Runway".