Just a quick one... need to catch up on my recent nails but here's what I've currently got on:

Blue: Leighton Denny "Inkjet"
White: Models Own/WAH nails white nail art pen

Chanel SS12 Nails

I was excited to see the photos from the Chanel SS12 show a couple of weeks back and an idea for some nails came to me when I saw this pic:

Mmm pearls and pretty pastels and golds on those jewels. It had to be done. Here's my Chanel SS12 manicure:

To do this manicure I first painted two coats of Revlon's "Coconut Crush" before water-marbling pastel colour polishes (see below for list). Next I applied pink and white pearls on the half moons of my nails and then added a gold Chanel decal onto the center of each nail before sealing the whole design with some Seche Vite.

Gold: NARS "Kismet"
Purple: Barry M Boots Limited Edition
Teal: China Glaze "For Audrey"
Blue: Barry M "Blueberry Ice Cream:
Pink: Barry M 119
Decals: eBay
Pearls: Poundland

I quite like these nails although I was going for a more subtle, not quite so bright look. I think my favourite nail is my left thumbnail (last photo) and I wish that all of them had come out more like that but water-marbling is so unpredictable (hard if you're a control freak like me!)

I also really enjoyed the Louis Vuitton SS12 collection so watch out for those nails coming up!

Born Pretty Store's Colour Changing Polish

This is something I've been meaning to get up for a while now (lack of internet and working shitloads will make you fall behind with blogs, so I've been told..)

Holographic nails were a go-to look for me over summer due in part to the bright summer sun working their magic on those beautiful glitter particles but now I have another go-to summer nail polish! Using the sun again to work its magic, this polish goes from milky white to bright, hot magenta pink depending on how bright the sun is.

I totally marvelled over my nails for a good few days, as did all the people I showed them to (yep, people, not just girls but boys also!) Here's a video which doesn't quite justify the super amazingness of it all:

That video doesn't quite show you just how bright the polish can turn. Here's a pic of my scraggly nails standing on the platform waiting for the tube to go to work one particularly sunny morning:

Pretty amazing, huh?

It's not all great news though. I have to be honest and say that the formula was a bit weird. And by weird I mean gloopy and taking quite some time to dry. Once dry the polish had a rather matte finish. And it chipped a lot and really easily too (hence that massive hunk that came off on my index finger in the picture). You can put a topcoat on this, it won't affect the final finish or the colour changing properties of the polish but it didn't seem to help! You'd think that because it chipped easily that it would be quite easy to remove, right? Well, no. Not at all! See, I ended up with half nails of polish, bits here, bits there. It drove me mad. So I tried to take it off. Nope, not budging. I had to get out my cheapie Boots nail polish remover which contains acetone (I found out that night that my regular remover doesn't contain acetone), soak cotton wool pads in this and then wrap my fingers in tin foil for at least five minutes before it would turn gloopy again and peel-off-able. Here's my futuristic robot fingers:

Despite all the negatives, I do think I'll be using this again albeit not for a while (what's up with these darker evenings, super depressing). At only $6-something it works out to about £4, plus there's free worldwide shipping and I think for £4 you're not going to find anything else quite like it on the highstreet! (I did see that H&M I think had some UV colour changing polishes but as I'm not a regular frequenter of clubs it's not something for me personally.)

I also feel obliged to say that I bought this polish with my own money as part of a bigger order I placed with BPS. Also in my order were the acrylic mixing system and 3d molds so look out for a review on those in the somewhat near future!

Colour changing nail polish from Born Pretty Store, $6.14.

Best Nails of LFW: Meadham Kirchhoff SS12

I loved the Topshop nails. I loved the glossy gorgeous red at Antonio Berardi too (coincidentally spotted a similar shade on someone a few days earlier and mentally noted to add this to my collection). But my favourite nails of all of London Fashion Week had to be those from the Meadham Kirchhoff show.

(Image from @styledotcom)

OMG. I die. These nails are just incredible and cute and incredibly cute. I love the kitschy ridiculousness of it all and after hours and hours of Googling and waiting, it seems these nails were created by Nail Rock (of nail wraps fame). Here's a link to all the purty designs on their Facebook account.

These are most definitely going to be my next nails. Let's see if I can pull this one off! Stay tuned kids!

Getting Topshop's SS12 Hieroglyphic Nails

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been snowed under and then now it's Fashion Week and... yeah. Anyway, here's a piece I wrote for Grazia Daily on Sophy Robson's hieroglyphic nails that she did for Topshop's Spring/Summer 2011 show. More updates soon, I promise!


Those who know me know that I'm a fan of many things and one of those things in particular is nails. I love pretty colours, wacky designs and amazing artwork - all of which Sophy Robson does so well. I've been eagerly awaiting all of her London Fashion Week updates and yesterday's Topshop hieroglyphic nails caught my eye. The bright colours! The simple but super impressive designs! I had to have them on my nails - now!

Apologies to Toppers for not using their polishes but I didn't have any of the right colours to hand (no pun intended). Instead I used Revlon's "Gold Coin" for the gold (middle finger and thumb), OPI's "Monsooner or Later" for the red (index and pinky) and OPI's "Teal The Cows Come Home" for the blue (ring finger). I also used WAH nails/Model's Own nail art pen in black, Andrea Fulerton's Stripe and Sparkle in Kathleen (aka white) and Andrea Fulerton's Stripe and Sparkle in Gloria (blue) to do the detailing.

After painting two coats of colour I then did the designs by freehand using nail art pens to draw eyes onto my nails. Two curves, a couple of lines, a dot of blue and a dot of black somehow made a passable eye. A horizontal stripe of "Gold Coin" and two thin-ish black lines completed the index whilst a thick white line, two black vertical lines and some zigzags finished off my pinky. The triangle on the ring finger was easy enough to do freehand and I'm rather impressed with my clean lines, if I do say so myself! A good coating of Seche Vite and I'm done, I've got the Egyptian look! What do you think? On the left is a pic from Sophy Robson's Twitter and on the right is my attempts at getting Egyptian nails...

The Married to Chanel Manicure Take Two!

Major apologies for being MIA lately. It's been a while since I last updated, and I'm pretty irregular anyway but my internet has been down for the past week or so which hasn't helped things.

A few months ago I did my first married to Chanel manicure, which also got featured on Grazia Daily! These nails are a sort of follow up to them. Last night I was bored of the nails I had on (they were so boring I've forgotten what exactly I was wearing) and opted for my old favourite combo of nude and black.

I really hope that Revlon never stop making "Gray Suede" as I will be crushed! It is my all-time favourite nude and just a fantastic neutral colour. I did try this manicure with a more peachier shade (one that came in a gift box/nail art kit of sorts from Urban Outfitters from around Christmas time) but the polish was horrifically streaky and far too bright for my skintone. So after that first attempt, I decided to stick with something I knew!

After applying two coats of "Gray Suede" I then drew on the half moons freehand using my trusty WAH nails/Models Own nail art pen. Whilst my white version somehow broke sitting on my shelf (Models Own were very nice and gave me some replacement polish) my black one is perfect and dreamy. It was easier than I thought to do the half moons using the brush and my right hand isn't too bad either.

To stick the decals on I first stuck them onto the ball of my finger, pressed on it either side with a pair of tweezers to curve the decal and then stuck it onto my nail with some Seche Vite, which finishes off and seals the look.

Married to Chanel take two

Nude: Revlon "Gray Suede"
Black: WAH nails/Models Own nail art pen
Decals: eBay

Also I just wanted another chance to show off my new ring that I got from Topshop on Friday! It's so pretty and sparkly that I just had to buy it even though I'm poor and hate stars...

Sophy Robson for Sephora

Do I talk about Sophy Robson too much on my blog? Probably. But I just can't get enough of her nails and seeing her shoot with Sephora just made me DIE! My favourite of the bunch has to be the purple half moon mani:

What can I say, I guess I'm just a sucker for half moon manis and most especially, giant rhinestones!!

I had some free time last week to do my nails so opted to try out this look. I didn't have any gorgeous gold crystals but I did make a trip to Poundland for some of their nail art kits (which turned out to be buy one get one free!!!) so I used the silver gems in that. And the result?

Not too bad. This is after a week's wear and you can see that it's wearing off at the ends - eep! What you can't see is some of the gems have fallen off but otherwise it's all in pretty good nick! I started off by using Barry M's Limited Edition pastel purple (the one they did for Boots with the gold lid) before painting on the darker purple - Revlon's "Passionfruit" (scented and oh-so-nice) on top, leaving the half moon. I did this freehand and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I then added a bit of Seche Vite and the gems on top before sealing with another layer of Seche Vite.

I'd love to get my hands on those bigass gold gems that Sophy used so I guess I'll keep my eyes peeled on eBay for them. The whole shoot that Sophy did for Sephora is just pure and total NAIL PORN so you should all definitely take a look!

Miu Miu SS11

I don't like many fashion blogs (it's a very overcrowded place with too many people vying for attention) but I've long been a fan of Jak & Jil. I just love the interesting composition (straight up and down just doesn't do much for me these days I'm afraid) and the focus on the details. I'm all for the details.

This photo of Tamu is one of my faves. I'm just so in love with the colours of her outfit - especially those Miu Miu shoes! I've never been that much of a shoe person in all honestly but I love that bright pop of green and that black, almost lace-like detailing on the backs and toes. Here's another view of the same shoes in the nude colourway, although the detailing isn't too clear:

Not gonna lie - was totally lusting after these in the Selfridges sale

I've had that pic saved on my computer for months now and have been meaning to do nails inspired by them.. And now I finally have! Only it was really crap on all fingers apart from one so you'll just have to feast your eyes upon one finger (don't worry, it's my index finger):

What really impresses me about nail art - good nail art, I should add - is when it involves nice, clean lines. I lust after those lines! Clearly I need to practise with my pen (it's finally stopped oozing with black polish once I've removed that needle thing) to get them but I reckon this is quite a decent attempt. Once I've mastered the lines hopefully I'll be able to make patterns of the same size on each nail (!!!) and can give this look another try. At least my dotting skills seem okay!

Green: American Apparel Neon Green
Black: WAH Nails/Models Own black nail art pen

The polish arrived the other day so I was eager to try it out. It is rather bright although I wouldn't say it's as fluorescent as in the bottle. It applies quite nicely and I used three coats (as opposed to my usual magic number of two) to get even colour. I considered painting a layer of white before all the green to really make it pop but I couldn't be bothered as all my white has gone goopy (nice) but I reckon it would add some extra wow to the colour (if you're into your seriously acid greens).

Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2011

It's been a while since I last did some fashion-focused nails. After the Antonio Berardi v-gaps I had some rather simple (by my standards) holographic polish on my nails which was perfect for those few bright sunny days we had in London last week.

Amazing value for money: GOSH, £4.99

In the time between v-gaps and present nails I also ordered a couple of bits and pieces off of eBay including some dotting tools and a set of 100 fimo canes - all of which came to the rather bargainous total of £5.97! I've been dying to get some fimo canes as they were part of my next "designer to-do nail"..

Like everyone else I've gone a bit loopy for fruits and fruit prints so this may be the first of a few fruity nails. The inspiration for these came from a dress in Stella McCartney's Spring/Summer 2011 collection and I'm just in love with this print:

So since I had oranges and lemons and limes in my fimo set, I decided to give it a go and then try out my dotting tools to do the leaves (still have not gotten around to getting a nail art pen set yet!) I really need to practice my fimo slicing skills as I think I cut them a bit too chunky... the result was pieces that stuck out by quite a bit and felt rather rough. That'll teach me for watching "Young Rich and Househunting" (awful programme on BBC 3 featuring snotty nosed rich kids who look 20 years older than their actual age) whilst doing my nails.

Overall, I don't think it's that bad an effect. It's not lasting a day on my nails due to those thick slices of not-so-yummy fimo but I rather like the abstractness of the design and the freshness of the colours.

White: NARS Ecume
Green: some green polish that came with my Gcocl kit (which I've had for nine years and still is fine!)

Antonio Berardi V-Gaps

Ahh, Sophy Robson, how I worship at your feet! I remember seeing these nails earlier this year when Sophy blogged about them on her site. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the v-gap as seen at Antonio Berardi AW11.

Love how this look is both classic and new at the same time. Swoon!

The show nails created by Sophy were petrol blue. Unfortunately I am seriously lacking in the blue department so after some hmming and ahhing I eventually settled on a matte polish. I picked Revlon's "Ruby Ribbon" which is part of their matte suedes range although if I'm honest the colour is more red brown and the final effect reminds me more of leather than suede - definitely a handy one for Loewe leather look nails!

As you can sort of make out here there is still a slight sheen to the polish so in my opinion it's not a true matte but still gorgeous all the same.

This was definitely trickier than I had anticipated. I reckon this could have been made simpler by using a square piece of tape, placing it at a diamond angle at the bottom of the nail and then painting vertically upwards leaving that all-important gap in the middle, of course. If I were going to do this look again (and I totally would) this is how I would do it so note to self: stock up on some tape.

Mary Katrantzou SS11

When I first started to think of what prints I'd like to use on my nails for this blog I instantly thought of Mary Kantrantzou's amazing print dresses. I would seriously love to own one of these babies:

For my birthday I unfortunately didn't get the Serendipity dress but I did get some printer decal paper and some acrylic spray so that I could make my own nail decals!

I printed out a large version of Mary's Serendipity dress (thank you Net-A-Porter for providing hugeass images for me to use) onto my printer decal paper so I could then use sections of the dress on my nails. I did think about small versions of the dress on my nails but 1) I don't have a super amazing printer (although it has served me very well) and 2) I couldn't be bothered to try and resize them to fit my tinyass nails.

The whole thing was rather straightforward save for the part where you put the decal into water and leave it for x amount of time until the backing paper comes off. Being a bit of an idiot (I don't like to read instructions, I'm far too impatient to waste my time doing that!) it took me about four or five goes before I realised that around 15 seconds was enough time for the backing paper to come off and any longer meant the whole thing would just fall to pieces.

I also rather stupidly thought that it would be just like the water decals I used to get free with Mizz when I was 14. Nope. This (and I used the white kind fyi) was more like a sticker that you had to put in water to "activate" the stickiness. And ultimately that's what it was rather than what I would think of as a decal.

Yerp. So as you can see I thought it might be clear (I had no idea since my present giver had no idea either) and painted my nails white just in case. I think I'd quite like to try out the clear kind and see what difference it makes, if any. Also, since I had thought that the decals would be quite thin (like the kind free with Mizz), I thought I could just whack them on my nail and then use a cotton bud with nail polish remove to clean it all up. No such luck. I had to use nail clippers (no idea where my crappy nail scissors have vanished to) to try and curve the what-was-rectangular decal to a sort of nail shape and as you can see it resulted in a totally uncool "rough around the edges" look.

To finish I filed off the excess with a cheap emery board from Poundland in the same way that you would with a nail wrap.

Essentially this is my homemade version of some nail wraps only more fiddly and a lot more wet.

Worth the effort? I'm not quite sure yet... Whilst I love the idea of creating my own nail stickers with whatever images I want, ultimately I still think that I prefer polish. And honestly I can't see that changing any time soon.

Cupcake Nails

It's my birthday on Thursday and I'm turning the big 2-3 so to celebrate I've finally decided to paint cupcakes on my nails. It's been done a million times before in a million different ways so whilst it's nothing earth shatteringly new it's incredibly cute and puts a smile on my face when I look down (although I've literally just thought of a way to make them cuter..)

Yellow: OPI "The It Colour"
Orange: Revlon "Mango Madness"
Bluey-Green: Revlon "Ocean Breeze"
Pink: Revlon "Bubblegum"
Pink Glitter: Barry M "Pink Iridescent"
Purple: Barry M Limited Edition Boots colour
White: Barry M
Red Cherry: OPI "Monsooner or Later"
Sprinkles are: Barry M (blue), OPI (yellow), Revlon (pink and purple)

The Revlons are all scented polishes (something I remember being totally into when I was 12 and reading Bliss and J-17 magazines - those were the days!) and I definitely love catching whiffs of them throughout the day!

These were actually super easy to do and I actually replicated it pretty well on my right hand as well:

Crappy Photobooth pic

To do the cupcakes I painted on rectagular blocks of colour along the edge of my nail (a bit like a giant french tip) before layering on the white polish to create a frosting effect. A blob of red for the cherry on top and some multicoloured sprinkles completes the look! And I also added glitter onto my ring finger cuppycakes as I can't resist having one different from the others.

Of course I've asked for a whole heap of nail art goodies for my upcoming birthday and am hoping someone will sneak a bottle of this into my pressies:

An incredibly suitable present for a polish fanatic like me: Deborah Lippmann's "Happy Birthday".

Marc Jacobs prints

I haven't been having much luck with my nails lately. I've tried a couple of designs and aren't happy with any of them so I'm not going to post them until they're perfect. In the meantime, here's a couple of Marc Jacobs manicures (yeah I realise there's beena few!)

First Marc manicure I ever did and probably the first that I did trying to copy/replicate other designs. This one features Miss Marc on the thumb, mouse (as in mouse flats) on the index, Marc Jacobs scrambled logo on the middle, Lola on the ring and kiss print on the pinkie (surprisingly easy to do!).

Marc manicure take two - much more happier with this one (a week later after the original). Featuring leopard print on the thumb, Lola on the index, a much better scrambled logo on the middle, Daisy Eau So Fresh on the ring and the polkadots from the FW11 collection.

I think I need to feel inspired again. I have recently come into a lot of polish (freebies plus I got some nice OPI pinks from work - the perks of my job!) so I'm sure inspiration will hit me like a brick soon enough.

Hussein Chalayan SS11

I love Hussein Chalayan. He's one of my favourite designers (along with Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Luella). Lately I've been craving nude nails, nothing too wacky, something a bit more sophisticated. Maybe it's because I'm about to turn a whole year older but quite simple nails were called for.

I had a browse around net-a-porter for some nail inspiration and hit upon gold. This was after I had attempted to do some Jonathan Saunders nails pretty much in the dark (thank you, dodgy wiring) and they had, of course, come out all shades of horrible. I was definitely ready for simple!

When I spotted this dress instantly knew I had the right colours sitting on my shelf; Revlon Gray Suede and Revlon Passion Fruit (it's scented too). Unfortunately I was having a severe case of impatient-itus and ruined my nails all over again. I took my time after that and painted the colours with a day inbetween to seriously dry so after a few days this was the result:

I'm quite happy with this although I'm super tempted to whack something sparkly on... If I had uber long nails (never going to happen since I wear contacts and quite like having eyes despite them not being quite so good as they used to be) I'd have done a Louboutin-esque manicure with the pink on the inside and nude on the outside. A bit more peekabo like the dress but nevermind, I'm sure more people can appreciate the pretty colours better this way!

(Have to say that Passion Fruit smells so yummy! It reminds me of a packet of Skittles which is really making me hungry...)

Oh, by the way it's my birthday on May 19th so if you'd like to buy me the matching dress it's only £930 from net-a-porter.

Vogue Nippon Loewe Nail Stickers

One of my favourite moments of SS11 were the nails that Sophy Robson created for Loewe:

So when I heard that Vogue Nippon's April issue had some Loewe nail stickers free inside I rushed down to nearest newsagents asap! Unfortunately the mag was £16 and I couldn't justify the pricetag for a mag I couldn't even read (and those glorious nail stickers). So plan b: I gave my aunt a call in Taiwan and within ten days had received the lovely nail stickers in the post:

Purty purty!

I was a bit surprise to find it's an actual sticker and by that I mean it's a gigantic sticky block. I was kind of expecting some sort of rub-on transfer or stickers the size of nails (a bit like Sally Hansen or Nail Rock) but nope, it's a gigantic sticker. Besides the fact that I'm too lazy to cut it to size I'm also a little anal when it comes to stickers. When I was younger I used to collect stickers (and still do with seventeen days to go until my twenty-third birthday..) but am still very reluctant to actually use them. The butterflies at the top are individual stickers so I may use those at some point but I just hate the idea of breaking it up!

I'll let you know if I get over my anal-ness or manage to get my hands on some more...

Pass the Pastels

Mmm pastel shades. I love pastel shades. That is I do until I get sick of them like I've eaten far too many Parma Violets. But right now I am back to loving pastels again mainly thanks to these two photos:

The Cherry Blossom Girl is my absolute girl/life crush. Everything she posts is so gorgeous and whilst I can't stand most outfit-posting-bloggers (the majority seem far to up their own asses), I just adore her's. Here's an example of one of the many beautiful photos that she takes and I am in love with her sweet macaroon-coloured nails! Of course if I'm going to replicate this look I may need to conduct some research that begins with buying some macaroons...

The new gradient/ombre nails. I love these super pretty shades and this manicure has been sitting on my Tumblr for a while now. I think it's time to give it a go... Here are the shades that stephanieanguyen used:

Pinky: OPI’s Samoan Sand
Ring: OPI’s Kiss On The Chic
Middle: OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender
Index: OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin
Thumb: OPI’s Do You Lilac It?

This reminds me that I saw OPI's Samoan Sand being used at a show during New York Fashion Week this year. I think it was Max Azria but don't quote me on that. Nevertheless it's very pretty and like a peachy-nude (I seem to be all over these at the moment) so I may need to pick a bottle up.

I really want to get back to London and my entire polish collection to yank out all the pastels I own and paint my nails in the sweet shades but I currently have a list of nail ideas as long as my arm so it might be a few weeks before they make an appearance on this blog. Keep your eyes peeled though as when it comes to my nails I get bored pretty easily...

Royal Nails

Apparently 1 in 3 tuned in for the Royal wedding - me included! I wasn't planning on watching but the excitement around the dress, and the fact that I was up early to buy some Liberty print Nikes meant that I ended up switching the TV on.

The dress was Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen and it was gorgeous. I'm not a fan of long-sleeved wedding dresses but I just fell in love with the lace (such a sucker for lace) and the perfect train (not too long) and the edging on her veil! It was a perfect fairytale wedding dress.

After the dress had been revealed I was of course quite curious about the nails. According to the Daily Fail the nails were done by beautician Marina Scandoval who used a "custom blended a special mix including Bourjois no 28 Rose Lounge and Essie 423 Allure."

Very natural colours and I'd imagine that they're quite sheer as well. Does any have these colours and can try out the new princess look?

Floral Nails - A First Attempt

I had a go at doing floral nails earlier this week. This is definitely not the best photo in the world of them but my camera is back in London and I'm still at my parents'.

I've been meaning to try out floral nails for a while now but didn't have the right colours. When I spotted the Models Own Pro range in Boots the other day I couldn't resist picking up a couple of bottles. After umming and ahhing for about half an hour I chose Rosewood Pink (a dusty vintage sort of rose pink without being overly saccharine) and Freedom of Peach (a nudey sort of peach). I've been meaning to get some colours I could use for florals and these seemed perfect!

Originally I wanted a blue base colour but the blue I have with me didn't go with the colour of the flowers (which I practised on a notepad beforehand). To do the flowers I tried all sorts but preferred using the brush that came with the polish to "dab" on spots of colour. I think that when trying to do vintage-y Cath Kidston type floral prints it's much better to be less precise and more rough so after the first colour (Freedom of Peach), I layered on top Rosewood Pink in the same dabbing motion before switching to my trusty Barry M White. I then added some leaves using a Topshop polish, although I'm not too happy with the shade of green...

(I swear my hands are not normally this wrinkly?)

Overall I think it's quite decent for a first try but I wish I had something light and sheer with me that I could've used as a base coat. Ahh well, next time. Practise makes perfect and all that. More runway nails to come soon, I promise! I've got a good idea in my head but it'll take a couple of weeks to gather the right materials...!

Easter manicure

This totally isn't a runway look (as far as I'm aware!) but I just wanted to share with you the nails I had over Easter. I changed them last night but I haven't decided if I like my new nails or not so in the meantime here's some cute pastel bunnies...

Yellow: OPI "The It Colour"
Green: Barry M
Pink: Barry M
Blue: Topshop
Purple: Barry M Limited Edition colour for Boots
White (eyes and insides of ears): Barry M
Black (eyes): Barry M
Pink (noses): Deborah Lippmann "Pop Life"

As you can tell I like to use a lot of Barry M! I love Barry M as they're cheap (always in some sort of 2 for £5/3 for 2 type dealio) and they're quite opaque. I've gone back to my parents' for Easter and have only a small selection (read: 20) of polishes with me so I haven't listed the full names of the colours. If anyone wants them, just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you when I'm in London again.

I was going to use the WAH nails/Models Own nail art pens for the eyes and ears but I find using the actual brush that comes with the polishes much easier than the nail art brushes (sometimes too fine a line) or the fine end (always end up with polish spurting out the top!!) Speaking of Models Own, yesterday I stumbled across a Boots that has the Models Own Pro range and since Boots are doing a very yummy 3 for 2 across all make-up, I snagged a couple of bottles which I've used in my most recent nails! Photos to come on that look...

Married to Chanel

These were some nails I did a while ago. Rather simple, chic and featuring Chanel (I'm a sucker for Chanel). If you'd like to read more about how I did them, click here to see the article I wrote for Grazia.

Base: Revlon "Grey Suede" (the best nude colour I've found for my skintone so far)
Tips: Barry M Black with Nailene's Perfect French Tip Stickers
Chanel logo: eBay (also have some LV to use and some YSL ones on my hitlist...)